Game Modes

Classic Mode

Three seperate modes including Practice, Play9 & Challenge.


Feel like your on the practice putting green, working on your short, medium and long straight putts. There are 10 changeable settings and detailed stats for improve your stroke


Choose one of the various 9-hole courses and enjoy stroke play with up to 4 players. Before play select the number of players, green speed, golf course and front or back 9.


Improve your ability to read the slope and work on your distance, to gaurentee a 2 or 1 putt everytime. Take a maximum of 3 putts per position and get score on well you putt.

Explorer Mode

Specifically helps you work on your weak putts.

Choose green you would like to challenge yourself & friends on. Selecting the hole position and golf ball position making the putt easy or difficult.

Recreate putts you have previously struggled with, so when your in that position next time you'll look like a pro.

Multiplayer Mode

Compete against other users around the world

A game mode that lets you compete with online users all over the world. Create your own room for others to join or search by number of holes to narrow down the rooms already created.

When playing you have 60 seconds to hit your shot, auto selecting the furthest player from the hole first. Earn points in practice mode and spend them in multiplayer mode.