Ball Speed

Accuratly analyse the speed of the golf ball in real-time.

Ball Speed should be taken into consideration when putting at any level as it will have a big impact on the outcome. On a sloping putt, the speed of the ball is just as important than start line, if not more, on serve slopes.

ExPutt will give you realtime speeds to analyse your short, medium and long putts.

Launch Direction

The direction of the ball once it leave the putter face.

Launch direction is the angle that the ball leaves the putter face in relation to the start line. Ideal for understanding whether the putt has been pushed or pulled to the nearest 0.1 degree.

ExPutt will record the degree and the letter L for left and R for right, 0.0 meaning a straight launch direction.


Total distance the ball travels from start to finish.

Distance is how far the ball has travelled from start to finish. First take into acount how far the target is away, adjust your stroke to accomodate the distance and see the actual distance the ball has travelled.

ExPutt will record distance in feet, yards, and metres, which is easily changeable in the settings.

Putter Path

The path of the putter head through the impact area.

Putter path is the movement of the putter head during the impact of the golf ball. Perfect for seeing swing path with a handy animation in the bottom left corner of practice mode.

ExPutt will record the degree's and the letter L for a left swing and R for a right swing.

Impact Angle

The angle of the putter face when it impacts the ball.

Impact angle is the position of the putter face at the impact of the golf ball. A great way to see if your hands are getting too active in the stroke and causing the putter head to twist.

ExPutt will record the degree and the letter L for left and R for right, 0.0 meaning a sqaure putter face.


A consistent monotone sound to practice your timing.

Tempo is an additional feature that you can activate before the training session. A consistent monotone sound will be played so you can sync you backstroke with your follow through.

ExPutt will show how may beats per minute the sound has been set too.